Where Friends Come Together and Learn

The Houston Buyers Club REIA ‘HBC’ is a local Real Estate Investors Association with a focus on helping others create wealth thru passive income streams and have the lifestyle that they have always dreamed of. We are a Club that Welcomes anyone wanting to know more about the Real Estate Investing World. We enjoy working with current landlords, experienced Wholesalers or Rehabber and especially those that are new and wanting to know more about Investing in the Houston Real Estate Market. “HBC” wants to grow with you in a friendly, open and inclusive way, helping each of us grow to our fullest potential.  We are looking to build relationships with investors who already have or are wanting to create a portfolio of rental properties now so that they won't have to depend on Social Security in their "Golden Years". The HBC will give investors the opportunity to work with others in the club by; Doing Deals Together, Being Educated with our series of Real Estate Investing classes available to our members and on Current Topics related to the Houston market, learning from the Experiences of others in the Club and getting guidance from their Real Estate Investing peers.