Education and Mentoring

Blue Chip Investor Education Program

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Blue Chip Investor Level

•2 Day Real Estate Boot Camp

•Special Class on Property Evaluation and Principles of Prequalification

•Class and Educational Opportunities to enhance your Real Estate Investing Goals

•Field Trips to Properties so you can gain first hand, Real Life experience in the Art of Real Estate Investing.

•Monthly REIA Meeting and Case Study Events for additional Education and Networking opportunities


Elite Investor Membership

Elite Investor Mentor and Education Program

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Elite Investor

•Everything in the Blue Chip Investor program PLUS

•One on One meeting to help you set your Goals and Objectives

•Individual Mentoring

•We will assist you with;

•Planning your Portfolio 

•Use of our Realtor to find your properties (if desired)

•Review and Evaluation of property you wish to purchase

•Help in Building your Real Estate TEAM

•Finding Management for your properties

•ELITE MEMBER ONLY – Special Training and Web Access to Video Training Platform  


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Class Topics and Description

1.) The One Page Busines Plan

This class is designed to have the student start their business plan. Each student will create the basis of a Business Plan in this workshop. 

2.) Wholesale

The Wholesale market here and how to get a good deal. The numbers involved as well as the process and Marketing for deals is covered.


3.) Wholetail

This class is typically given as a “sidebar” to the Rehabbing Class

4.) Rehabbing

The Rehab process including the numbers associated with a typical rehab. A case study is looked at. The steps and timing of the rehab process are examined.


5.) Marketing

How to Market effectively in the Houston Market. We take a look at the various types of marketing available with the amount of time and money available to each class participant. What is working and what is not is also discussed. 


6.) Due Diligence

The 5 portions of Due Diligence are discussed in this class including; The financial due diligence phase, The Seller due diligence phase, The Title due diligence phase, The Physical Property due diligence phase and The Deal/Market phase of due diligence.


7.) Exit Strategies

Most people know the 3 main exit strategies in Real Estate Investing; Wholesale, Rehab and Buy and hold. We explore the 12 different strategies that we employ in every deal we do.


8.) Negotiation

Understanding the Psychology of negotiation can help you close more deals. Examine the negotiation process from start to finish in this workshop designed to help you make more money on each deal.


9.) Effective Networking

You’ve heard of it, maybe even gone to a networking event. In this class we discover how to get the most out every networking event you attend. We work on what to say in the first 15 seconds that can help you create a working relationship with a potential partner-investor. We also explore the do and don’ts in Networking. 


10.) Finding Buyers

You bought and rehabbed a house and it is ready to go on the market. Should you get a realtor to sell the house for you or should you sell it yourself? A look into the process of selling a property and how you can find buyers for your property.


11.) Funding your Deals

Hard money/ Private Money and Conventional financing.


12.) The Closing Process 

Covers the Title and Closing process the Challenges that arise and how to solve them.


13.) 2 Day Real Estate Investing   Foundations Weekend

This is a fast-passed class which covers the following topics: Mindset/Houston Market/ Goal Setting/Marketing/Wholesale/Wholetail/Rehabbing/Buy and Hold/Due Diligence/Negotiation/Deal Funding/Finding Buyers and closing process.


14.) 4 Day Boot Camp

Much more in-depth of the 2 Day Foundations class going over the same topics.


15.) “Back to Basics”

Mindset/Overview of REI/The Houston Market Today/The Numbers of REI (how to get a good deal).


16.) The FAST CASH side of REI

Wholesale/Wholetail/Rehabbing. This is the fastest way of creating a Cash Flow Machine for any Real Estate Investor. Take a look and the differences between the Big 3 of Cash Flow. Determine your ”Risk/Reward” tolerance level and make a run at the road to financial success.


17.) Building Long Term Wealth

Buy and Hold/Owner Finance/Private Lending. In this class learn the difference between the “quick cash” approach in Real Estate Investing and the Creation of Wealth involved in establishing a rental portfolio. You will explore the methods used in determining if a project is viable for your portfolio.